Friday, April 15, 2005

New day

So, it's a new day and I'm still sore but in a better frame of mind this morning. I read the suggestion in my comments and I'm going to try and get that book today. It was so nice to wake up, check the blog and see comments. :-) Just when you feel nobody gets it somebody comes through and says "I do"

Anyways, I was reading a post today about kids questions and thought I would share a cute story from yesterday, My 4 year old daughter decided she wanted wendy's yesterday, so we go and get it, once the foods in the car she's digging through her bag I ask her "what is she doing" and she says, "making sure there's no fingers." Then started asking me about a hundred questions about the lady that claimed she had a finger in her chili from Wendy's. I asked her, "if she was so concerned about it why did she want to eat there". She says "to see the finger". Too funny. Part of me questioned why am I arguing with this 4 year old and the other part of me just wanted to pull over and hug her for being so damn cute. Later her 11 year old brother comes home from his baseball game and mentions the Wendy's thing- She tells him "I didn't get a finger" Back and forth with them goes the discussion again. DAMN NEWS!!! I want them to have discussions about their day and the sunshine and their feelings- Instead our house is full of the discussion over the Wendy's chili finger. Can't help but sit back and laugh. Precious moments- the things we live for.

THis post is HILARIOUS. I love children and never tire of the amazing and cute things that they say!!!

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