Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A new day...

Today is a new day and I'm trying to be more positive. I've been in a lot of pain lately and so I really started to get depressed but I know that doesn't help anybody. So today I relax and spend some quality time with my kids. My daughter is taking a nap right nap and my son is at school so I have time to blog. I've been reading a lot of blogs. I can't believe how many people out there have the same type of feelings I do. I guess we all just express them differently. I wear my heart on my sleve and therefore get taken advantage of but it's okay, I believe it all comes back.

I am upset about one thing today, Disneyland, my happiest place on Earth. I've always wanted to go to Disneyworld (that is my dream vacation) but for now we settle for what we can afford, Disneyland. We were supposed to go in June but now with all this pain I know we won't be able to go for a while. My daughter is so sad because she says she won't be scared of the characters anymore. I want to take them again before my son decides he's too cool to really enjoy it. When I was young I had told my mom for the make a wish foundation I wanted to either meet Madonna or go to Disneyworld. She had started to try and find out info but said the paperwork was so overwhelming that she would rather do what she could on her own. So she made sure I went to Disneyland often, we still never did the Disneyworld thing but since my disease went in to remission I've said I would do it someday. Now I'm taking my kids (how funny that I wasn't going to live, truth be said only God knows)Anyway we had looked in to Disneyworld but it still was out of reach so we planned the Disneyland thing again. Now we have to put that off too....I'm sure there's a reason for this but it just pissing me off that everytime I decide to do something for myself something always happens. I don't get it. I try so hard to always bring happiness to others but once and a while I'd like my turn too.

Okay- now that I've got all that out. I'm going to go finish up some laundry and figure out what to cook for dinner.

I love this blog thing. It's so nice to release feelings and not have to worry about anybodys judgement.

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