Sunday, September 25, 2005

Top 10!

Sometimes you have to take time out and remind yourself of the things that make you happy. I'm trying to keep myself out of that hole today. So here we go:

10 Things to be happy for today!

1. My 2 wonderfully healthy and gorgeous children
2. My husband- whom is accepting to me & all my faults. (Although he's not ALWAYS happy about them)
3. My family being safe.
4. I woke up this morning. (always a blessing)
5.Believing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel
6. My dog Sheba- 13 years and still by my side.
7. My best friends, Jennifer & Christina, they know I'm crazy and love me anyway.
8. The wonderful support I've found here, it's nice to know you have stranger friends willing to listen and care.
9. So many have lost so much, I'm happy with all I do have.
10. My grass is growing and my roses bloomed.

Please feel free to chime in and leave your top 10's in my comments section...

This is a great list, and is wonderful to read.

Here's mine:

1. My daughter. She changed my life in so many ways.
2. My husband who saved me from darkness.
3. My extended family, who are so loving and supportive.
4. My friends who help me realize what is important in life.
5. My work, which grounds me and helps me to find comfort.
6. Art. I couldn't live without art seeing it, making it, celebrating it.
7. Nature. Same goes with this too. It is so healing for me to be part of it.
8. Music. It is always somewhere playing in the margins of my life.
9. Humor. I have to be able to laugh and smile, and I so enjoy others who have that comic, witty, sense about them.
10. My cats. I love them so much and they give me so much back. True unconditional love.
Hi Melanie! Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'm poking my way through yours. I like this post of 10 things to be happy for today. Let's see, for me...

1. My partner/wife, Fran, who is the other half of my heart.
2. Our daughter Jen and her husband Matt.
3. Good friends who love me exactly the way I am.
4. Angel Love, my dog who I swear was sent to me from Heaven when my mom died. She kept me from going over the edge.
5. Sassy and Toby, sweet kitties in our family.
6. Our home
7. A good job for both of us
8. Good health for both of us
9. Manageable bills
10. That I'm loved.

So much more I could add, don't want to be greedy.
You ARE going to be okay - it's just that the tunnel is longer sometimes. You are beautiful EVERYDAY. You always appreciate everything good in your life and show it. Hey, I'd give anything to have that beautiful smile and laugh of yours - and your unbelieveable knowledge of EXCEL.

I am always expressing gratitude! I even thank God for the bad things when they come my way. I'll say "okay God, thank you for yet another lesson in this journey of life.."
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