Monday, October 17, 2005

7 things...

Okay, I was tagged and I'm taking forever to answer all of these questions. So for now I'll post what I have... Enjoy this little trip into my mind...

7 things I plan to do before I die.
1. Go on a honeymoon with my hubby to an exotic location (never had a honeymoon)
2. Watch my children follow and fulfill their dreams
3. Spoil my grandkids (when they come along, no rush)
4. Find myself and accept who that is.
5. Get my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education (I would LOVE to work with children)
6. Buy my dreamhouse.
7. Write a book

7 things I can do.
1. Listen
2. Make other people laugh.
3. Make my children feel very secure.
4. Give good advice (although I don't always take it)
6. Work very hard and do a damn good job.
7. Cook some killa fried chicken

7 things I can not do
1. Can't take a compliment without thinking to myself some negative thing of myself to balance it out.
2. Refuse to lose an argument- in my mind I'm always right.
3. Can't completely let go of the past.
4. Lie without telling on myself.
5. Can't conquer my fears.
6. Can't settle for less. I always want bigger and better for myself and everybody I care for and will do my best to help everybody achieve their personal best.
7. Can't accept my faults.

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex
1. Eyes- they're the gateway to the soul.
2. Smile
3. Body (I'm not even going to lie, a nice six pack doesn't hurt anybody)
4. Compassion & understanding
5. Goals- knows what he wants from life
6. Strong- I want a man that can be my rock, I want to feel safe with him.
7. Respect- I love a man that shows respect to everybody and expects that same respect back.

7 things I say the most often
1. Are you serious?
2. Yeah right
3. Whatever
4. I love you (very important to say it often to your loved ones)
5. Shut the front door (better than saying shut the f*** up.
6. What a bitch
7. What the f**k??? (usually said at work, LOL)

7 Celebrity crushes
1. Shamar Moore
2. Michael Ealy
3. Matthew McConaughey
4. Alex Rodriguez
5. Derek Jeter
6. Brad Pitt
7. Angelina Jolie ( I don't swing that way but if I did, it would be for her. She's beyond sexy.)

Well, there you go. A little more insight into my crazy world.

I forgot all about Derek Jeter. HE IS FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I love your list and how could I forget to add Brad Pitt to mine?
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Go for it girl...teach them babies..they need US...well you guys now huh?

Take that honeymoon it's on me!

And @ that Angelina crush...I feel you...she is the ultimate is sex appeal...

Great answers...this 7things just never gets old:)

6:38 AM
Derek Jeter, another hottie, Brad Pitt,indeed, Angelina Jolie, I can see that. So hard to pick just 7! I agree with Dee-Dee 7 things never does get old. Thanks for doing this...I feel like I know you even better!

The "WTF?!?!?" saying cracked me up..I say that offen too! Thanks for sharing!

Melanie -- Thanks for stopping by. I had to check out your site to see who the mutual crush is. Maybe we need to just take a road trip and seek Shemar out! (And no, your hubby and kids can't come along!) Hehehe! Great, thoughtful list!
great list.
peace to you.
Gurl I love your 7 things. For some reason I left out a few things on mine. But taking that honeymoon with my hubby is something I'm needing right about now.
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