Sunday, October 02, 2005


What makes you smile?
What makes you cry?
What do you fear?
and do you know why?

Where do you go?
Who can you call?
Can you catch your breathe?
Can you think straight at all?

Do you sometimes feel lost?
Do you have any shame?
Is life one long contest?
and you're losing the game.

Well, I've been there before
I know it doesn't seem right
I want to share with you
my knowledge of darkness and light

I've felt stuck in the dark
consumed by all my fears
I've felt all alone
drowning in all my own tears

Then HOPE came along
something I'd never known
Somewhere I got strength
to fight on my own

Support came next
and love I'd rejected before
was suddenly helping me
and opening new doors

Closing all the doors from the past
was the next big step
letting go of the old,hurt feelings
as inside I wept

After the release
I felt as if I was in a new place
The days seemed brighter
in the mirror reflected a new face

Understand this though
I still feel it once and again
I've learned to rely on the strength and support
of family and friends

Now you can see
You can be at the lowest of all low
but HOPE can come along
and help you to let go

If I can do this
so can you
You'll learn to love yourself
and a world all new.

you should really consider writing a book of your experiences. You really have a way of letting those of us who haven't experienced your type of pain to see inside your mind. I know there are many people who give into the despair that accompanies depression. Maybe your hope can help someone else going through the same thing.
Mel this is a keeper..Thankyou.
Great post! Great message! :)
Lois Lane
Awesome poem! Quite Inspiring!
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