Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Pills, Pills, Pills

Mirapex- that's the new pill of the day.

I'm feeling better today, no headache, thankfully. However, I went to the neurologist and had more tests. He tested the nerves and muscles in my leg. He did find that they aren't "normal" DUH. All the medications they've tried so far to heal these problems have not worked. So, today he added ANOTHER med, mirapex. I'm not familiar with this one at all but did look it up on the website I go to for my anxiety and depression issues and of course it's a pill used sometimes for mood stabilizing just like the neurtonin I'm on. He wants me to try these pills before I take any of my others and see if I have any side effects. Try another one...I hope this one brings relief. If not he's discussed botox injections in my leg, but that is a last resort. He doesn't like the botox thing in legs because it weakens the muscle. Thus possibly giving me issues walking. GEEZ. I know this would be difficult for anybody to go through and it could've been so much worse but I can't help dwelling in it sometimes. I'm such an active and on the go person. I love to work. I love to run around with my kids. I enjoy dressing well (one of the things I miss the most about my attire are my high heel boots) I've been having to spend more money on buying outfits I can wear with tennis shoes and buying more tennis shoes. Not that it bothers me to shop (one of my stress relievers) however, not working is not helping with the finances so not too much shopping can be done.

I'm rambling, need to come back and finish later.

go ahead and vent if that's what you need to do.
Glad the headache went away. What else did you learn from the doctor?

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