Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shake it off...

I'm shaking it off. Good days, Bad days.

Today's a good one. All the advice and support I've received has been great. Thank you all so much.

Some days I just realize everything is as it is. There's nothing I can do about it. Ultimate control is in God's hands. So I just need to learn to go with the flow.

Have you ever noticed when you start a journal (for therapy type reasons) that you tend to only write when you're feeling down? Well I know I have and I don't want to look back and think I was completely consumed by negative. So I'm going to write the UPs as well as the DOWNs.

Well my high so far today was watching my son play baseball. He's 11 and plays first base and pitches. He pitched 3 innings today and did GREAT. Also he went 3 for 4 in hitting. Which all the way around is a very good game. I love the look on his face when he does well. The big smile warms my heart. My daughter is so much like him. She's very hard on herself when she stumbles or something during cheerleading but when she has a good day, she's all smiles. I guess most people are like that. But for some reason my children are so hard on themselves. It's not like we expect so much out of them, they expect so much out of their selves. I know that will be a good quality when they grow up. It will make them high achievers. However while they're kids, I want them to enjoy being kids.

Now it's midafternoon and I think I'm going to take the kids to the park so they can run around and I can soak up some much needed sun. :-)

love your site; popped over from rosie's when I saw that you had made the comment about her not posting any more; too cool that she did on yours!
You go girl. These times when your kids are young are the best. Enjoy them while they're young.
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